Eating fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does, study says

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According to Dr. Robert H. Lustig, an endocrinologist, the world’s health problems are caused by sugar.

Dr. Lustig is also the author of the book: ‘Fat Chance: The Hidden Truth About Sugar, Obesity, and Disease.’ He said:

“It’s not about obesity, it’s about diabetes. Our sugar consumption is killing us, and you can’t fix this until you fix the food.” 

Dr. Lustig is in the country to attend a conference. He said that for decades, we were made to believe that fat is the reason for diseases. However, not all fats were made equal. Some saturated fats elevated bad cholesterol, others had no effect and others actually increased good cholesterol.

“We were told it was the dietary fat that made you fat and it was the fat that made you sick, therefore eat less fat because that would mean eating fewer calories, therefore you would lose weight and therefore you would get better. And it hasn’t worked. It hasn’t work in any country,” he said.

Sugar is the culprit 

According to research, high amounts of sugar can be the caused of weight gain, especially when the consumption is not in balance with protein and fat. This can enable the body to break down it more slowly and make the blood sugar increase and drop dramatically.

All carbohydrates, such as rice and bread, are broken down into glucose that circulates in the blood to give us energy. Sugars get broken down quickly and raise blood glucose most dramatically. For the human body, a slice of bread and a packet of sugar are essentially indistinguishable.

In addition, Dr. Lustig said there was a correlation between obesity and diabetes, but there were countries that were obese without being diabetics, such as Mongolia, Iceland and Micronesia, and diabetics without being obese, such as India, Pakistan, and China.

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The diabetes rate in India and China is 11% but the people are not fat. However, the diabetes rate for the United States is 9.3% and they are considered the fattest nation in the whole world.

“If we’re fatter than them, how come they have a bigger diabetes problem than us? Obesity is increasing worldwide at a rate of 1% per year, yet diabetes is increasing worldwide at the rate of 4% per year. If obesity is the cause of diabetes, then how come the normal weight people are getting diabetic as fast as the obese person?” Dr. Lustig said.


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