President Duterte hits Aquino for criticizing drug war

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President Rodrigo Duterte slammed former President Noynoy Aquino (Pnoy)’s statements that the drug users has not changed since he left the presidency.

The statement was made during 8th death anniversary of Pnoy‘s mother, Former President Cory Aquino. Pnoy said that the number of drug users had not changed despite the current administration’s deadly campaigns against illegal drugs.

President Duterte said: “Sabi ni PNoy, parang walang nangyari. Sige, pumasok ka sa droga PNoy, ‘pag hindi kita pinutulan ng ulo, buang ka. Anong walang nangyari? G*go ka.

“(Aquino) said, it seems nothing happened. Go ahead, go into the illegal drug trade, I will cut your head off. What are you saying? You fool.”

President Duterte also criticized Pnoy and Mar Roxas for their close relations with Cebu Mayor Daanbantayan and Vicente Loot, Retired Police General. The President had identified the two personalities as protector of drugs lords.

“You’re generals before, your aide, Roxas’ aide, they are into drugs. Number one is General Loot.”

President Duterte boasts the same accomplishments as Aquino

In an interview, President Duterte said that his administration had already seized the same amount of drugs as Aquino during his whole term.

“In all of his six years, he was only able to seize or catch about 3,045 kilos of shabu. Ako, dito ngayon sa akin (While on my part), just one year, I have already seized about 2,000 — nearing 3,000 (of his) entire six years,” the President said.

Meanwhile, President Duterte’s spokesperson Ernesto Abella, in a statement, said that “much ground has been gained” in “the fight against illegal drugs,”  according to the Sun Star. 

Secretary Abella also said that Aquino’s statement merely implies “jaded cynicism borne of a history of political opportunism.”

Likewise, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo said Aquino’s remark was “shamelessly cocky and outrageous chutzpah,” according to the Sun Star. 


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