De Lima sought for investigation over Ozamiz police raids

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Senator Leila De Lima sought for an investigation over the police raids in Ozamiz City that led to the death of 16 people, including Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog last Sunday.

De Lima filed a resolution last Tuesday, August 1, 2017, asking the appropriate Senate committee to investigate “suspicious” circumstances surrounding the raids.

De Lima said the raids bears a “striking similarity” with the serving of a search warrant on Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr., who was killed inside a detention cell in a pre-dawn police operation Leyte last November.

“A search warrant is not a warrant to kill, or a death sentence, and the suspicious pattern of how search warrants are being implemented by the PNP (Philippine National Police), especially by Chief Inspector Espenido… create the impression that search warrants are merely being used by the PNP to facilitate extra-judicial killings of mere suspects in accordance with the ‘nanlaban‘ (‘fought back’) narrative…” she said in the resolution.

Check out the resolution here: ps-reso-no-453

Senator De Lima on police raids at Ozami City and martial law

The senator also said that the continued effectivity of martial law in Mindanao emboldens the police to conduct “such highly questionable modus” in the future, according to Inquirer. 

“In light of the continued effectivity of martial law in Mindanao, there appears reason to fear that the PNP might be further emboldened to continue with such highly questionable modus, especially considering that the deaths of suspects resulting from so-called firefights in PNP operations have not be stemmed despite various investigations conducted by the Senate, including the probe the Senate committee on justice and human rights on the spate of extrajudicial killing cases,” she said.

“Such possibility, thus, makes it imperative that the Senate conduct a deeper probe into these disturbing pattern of abuse, especially in the context of martial law,” she added.


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