Clark and Millie love story: “Until death do us part.”

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Clark Fudolig, the groom, managed to come at University of the Philippines Diliman Parish of the Holy Sacrifice last July 12, 2017, though he was in pain; just to fulfill his promise to have a church wedding with his bride, Millie Jane Tique.

Millie, 37 years old and a human resource officer at the Department of Education’s main office in Pasig City, thanked Clark for making good on the promise he made years ago.

She also thanked him “for never giving up, for fighting back, for struggling to live.” She added:

“I promise to love you and stay with you until the end.”

However, the groom never had a chance to say his vows. The family had to rush him to the hospital where he died of pancreatic cancer shortly after.

‘Unconditional Love’ of Clark to Millie

Millie had looked forward to the church wedding since they had a civil wedding rite in 2004.

Clark was 18 and Millie, 23 when they met in 2003.  When she got pregnant with Cane Krissie (their daughter) in 2004, the couple had a civil wedding.

A month later, Clark had to fly to the United States to work as an air-con technician. He would visit his family every two years, sometimes staying as long as three months. Most of the time, however, the family bonded online.

Clark, 32, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2014, but it was only in May that Millie learned from her sister-in-law that Clark was dying very soon.

He managed to go home at the Philippines although he was in pain, just to be with his family.

Millie organized the dream church wedding. She bought her gown, contacted the caterers, photographers, and suppliers. Millie also told them that her husband would be using a wheelchair in the entire ceremony. She had even considered converting the booking into a funeral reception should Clark’s condition worsen.

The video of the couple’s July 12 wedding titled “Unconditional Love” was posted online by photographer Raymon John Orlanda and Mark Vitasa. It now has thousands of “shares” and “likes” and netizens commented that their love story depicted endless love.


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