‘Lollipop Lips’ is making social media go crazy

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So a new make up trend is sweeping garish comments over its entire smudgy effect on the lips. Featuring: the Lollipop lips look!

Well, yeah it may look like someone just got into a hot cat fight with a home appliance. However, it does offer a major benefit, especially for someone not-so talented enough to appear as pristine or super neat as any English lady.

In a Today post, the Lollipop look debuted during London Fashion Week, with models sashaying at the Preen show looking like teenage girls giddy up on some light fun. The people behind the look, MAC Cosmetics, shared pictures of the lip look via Instagram, and has unbelievably garnered the ire of most women.

The Lollipop Lips look is said to have been created by the beauty firm on a combination of Ruby Woo colored lip marker and their shiny Lipglass shimmer. What comes out are lips appearing to be a carefully applied one, then intentionally eroded around the sides of the mouth.

This seemingly edgy, yet innocent look has viewers reacting with a booming “No” via social media, since it could give off a hurriedly made up vibe to anyone unaware of this lip style, says BuzzFeed. Some even went to lengths saying, “Not digging the lollipop lips trend”, while one said it looked like a Kylie Jenner lip-challenge gone wrong. Still others further thinks it’s a rash, or a “gnarly mouth infection” as well as makeup that got slept in.

Sure, the whole smudgy lip look may have almost everyone hoping it won’t become a trend. Yet, the fashion industry has been rather considerate about it. So far, stylists and designers have seemingly gone along with it.

Who knows? In a next runway show, the “Lollipop Lips” vibe could actually end out working beautifully for some.


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