US President Donald Trump Stirs Up Legal Actions With Revised Travel Ban

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The White House issued a statement through social media regarding US President Donald Trump’s signing of an updated travel ban. It has been noted that the FBI is currently looking into profiles of close to 300 people accepted as refugees for possible ISIL affiliations.

ISIL or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, as what former president Barrack Obama called it during a 2015 state address, poses as a more serious and bigger threat than ISIS. With President Trump’s new ban, even New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman isn’t holding back on taking legal action against the new order if the need arises, according to The Telegraph.

Schneiderman also said that the ban may have undergone some changes, there’s still the clear intent to discriminate Muslims. “This doesn’t just harm the families caught in the chaos of President Trump’s draconian policies – it’s diametrically opposed to our values, and makes us less safe,” he added. President Donald Trump apparently signed the EO effective Monday, March 16, after a press conference was held by his staff announcing the new law’s conditions.

CNN reports that the new travel ban further excludes citizens with valid US visas upon entry into the country, as well as those who hail from the 6 banned countries but are already legal permanent residents of the United States. The ban also exempts those individuals whose visas got revoked which came under fire with prior issue of the travel ban. The revised measures stipulated in the travel ban would suspend refugee admissions into the country for about 120 days (4 months), and preventing citizens of Iran, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen from getting their visas for the next 90 days (3 months).

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday commented on not compromising the nation’s security, letting in visitors less their own governments are withholding relevant information to assess each responsibly or supports terrorist activities.


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