“Logan” Beats Lego Batman Movie With $238 Million Opening Over The Weekend

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The legendary Wolverine of the X-Men is back, in a recent retelling of his backstory-to-future enterprise called “Logan”. In this newest feature, fans get to be introduced to a mini, yet fiercer version of himself in X-23.

Movie fans were in for an action-packed treat with Logan over the weekend, with said movie grossing close to $238 million worldwide. This marks Fox’s huge domestic comeback early this year.

According to The Independent, the third Wolverine movie installment fell a little behind Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, which grossed up to $132.4 million. Logan, however, went ahead to reach a $46.2 million mark overseas, particularly in China, as well as $11.4 million in the UK, and beating The Lego Batman Movie ($3.6 million) during opening weekend.

Executive VP Chris Aronson of Fox Studios said that the collaboration between director Jim Mangold and lead Hugh Jackman “perfectly executed the movie they wanted to make”. He added that Logan in itself is “a very personal and visceral story for the character, which contemplates mortality.”

Meanwhile, apart from its high opening mark, reviews have been very favorable for Logan, with many considering it as a new could-be rebirth of the Wolverine/X-Men franchise, reports Rolling Stone. Mangold, together with co-writers Michael Green and Scott Frank, have successfully offered fans a deeper, yet more humane side to the older, still tough Logan. Plus, the young X-23 (played by Dafne Keen) equally shares the limelight with how a young Wolverine would have been like during the early times.

Considerably Logan’s ultimate sacrifice to save another individual’s life who have been subjected to the same terror and exposed to violence (while learning about life along the way), all in all, the movie is such a fresh delight. Although pretty sure many Marvel comics fans can easily gauge Logan’s storyline, Jackman’s notoriety as Wolverine may still not be ending soon.


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