Duterte asks for more time to study smoking ban EO

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The draft executive order that bans smoking nationwide has reached President Duterte’s desk, but he still asks for time to study the proposal.

Department of Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial has prepared the said EO which is similar to what Davao City has been implementing for many years. Secretary Ubial said that the proposed nationwide smoking ban was the first Executive Order submitted by DOH at Malacañang.

President Rodrigo Duterte has been the Mayor of Davao City for almost 20 years, and he has implemented the 100% smoke-free environment in public places. This proposed nationwide smoking ban will be for the benefit of the Filipino people.

The EO will be prohibiting smoking in all public places nationwide and not just in Metro Manila. President Duterte said that he would be studying the provision of having ‘smoking areas’ inside buildings because there are lots of dynamic involved.

Also, the President stated that he would need to get in touch with the medical persons as well as his legal counsels to seek for advice on the proposed executive order.


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